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 Guangzhou Champlane Sports Goods Co.,Limited is a  professional company devotes to manufacture and  process swimming goggle, swimming cap, kickboard,  nose clip, earplug, waterproof swimming dry bag. It  has a complete scientific quality control system.  Champlane has earned all the approvals in the field  with its honesty, strength and production quality.  We welcome you from different industries to  give us  a visit and bussiness cooperation.

Longsail pursues a perfect combination with high  quality, comfort and apperance. We intend to make  Longsail the biggest swimming sports brand in China,  by our professional design, rigorous technology, innovative concept and continuous effort.

UK Champlane International CO.,Ltd, established in  London, is a professional company that designs  swimming sports products. They design all kinds of  popular swimming products, and for many famous  international brands, Longsail advocates a real, free sports new  concept.Longsail is a swimming sports brand lauched  by Guangzhou Champlane and British Champlane, and it  caters to Asian physical features and satisfies the  feelings of real comfortable swim.

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