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The same is the launching sport, why do you only wear a swimming cap for diving, and you still need to wear swimming goggles for swimming?

Edit:    Read: 255  Date: 2019-11-20

Friends who like to swim know that they need to prepare swimming caps and swimming goggles before entering the water, but some friends asked, if they are all sports, why do divers only wear swimming caps, but swimmers still have to What about wearing swimming goggles? In fact, this question is not difficult to answer. The most intuitive answer is that diving is jumping down, while swimming is swimming forward. The two are naturally different.

Let's talk about diving athletes. In fact, they don't spend much time underwater. They basically observe the situation on the diving platform and go straight to the next jump. The impact force when entering the water is very large, so you need to wear a swimming cap to reduce the impact, but if you wear swimming goggles, it is not only useless, and it is easily impacted when you enter the water. There is no need to wear swimming goggles.

In contrast, swimmers are different. In order to pursue extreme speed, they need to keep their eyes open in the water for a long time, but it is difficult to keep their eyes open in vigorous sports, so swimming goggles are necessary equipment. Although in many TV dramas, the scene where the actor opens his eyes underwater can always be seen, but most of the water is not clean. When you enter the water, do not blindly imitate.

Having said all this, we are definitely incomparable for national professional athletes, but as the best place for summer heat in summer, the seaside is the best choice for many people, so I recommend a unisex swimming goggles to everyone . The biggest feature of this swimming goggle is that it solves the problem of short-sightedness of the user, so that you no longer have to worry about the dilemma of getting into the water with a black eye.

It also uses polycarbonate lenses. This material was originally used as a mask material for US astronauts to land on the moon. An adjustment button is also provided on the spectacle frame, and the length can be adjusted at any time to achieve the most suitable size for the user. The rear band is thickened and widened, which reduces the restraint of the traditional swimming goggles on the eyes. At the same time, the hollow in the middle can also help ventilation.

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