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Why do swimmers lick their goggles before the game? After reading a lot of insights!

Edit:    Read: 298  Date: 2019-11-20

When we watch a swimming competition, if a careful friend will find that these swimmers will lick and lick their swimming glasses before taking the water, but we ca nt help wondering, is there something to eat on their glasses ? Or licking glasses before the game can relieve tension? Actually neither is, licking swimming glasses has special reason, let's take a look together.

Licking goggles with saliva can prevent mist from forming on the glasses while in the water. However, people who think of swimming teams even have swimwear and caps specially designed. They won't even be able to afford an anti-fog goggles. It s not that you ca nt afford it, but you re used to it. If you temporarily change a new pair of swimming goggles during a swimming competition, it s almost the same as wearing new clothes at the test room. Various materials or insignificant designs can make you You feel uncomfortable and your grades will naturally be unsatisfactory. The importance of swimming competitions for athletes does not require us to repeat them.

In fact, the new swimming glasses for swimmers generally have anti-fog function, but because they stay in the water all day, even the best anti-fog film will be washed away by water, and it will soon become anti-fog. When they swim forward in the water at a higher speed than ordinary people, the temperature difference between the inside and the outside and the sweat evaporate, there will be a layer of fog on the endoscope of the swimming glasses, just like the windows at home sometimes. From the physical point of view, licking the glasses with your tongue is to turn these small water droplets into a water film. But someone is curious, isn't there a special anti-fog spray? Why don't they use it?

The first athlete was very sensitive to the use of drugs and other sprays. To minimize the impact of these things on them, the next generation of athletes told us personally that licking is actually better than spraying. Before the game, if sprayed with anti-fog spray, it will not work until it is completely dry, and licking it with your tongue will not scratch the swimming glasses. The effect is very good, simple and fast is the best select. Finally, when the swimming glasses are dry, licking the tongue with the antifogging effect is the best. You can stick it for about half an hour, but if your glasses are wet, licking the tongue again has no effect.

Finally, the plastic used to make swimming goggles has the same fixed life as other ordinary plastics. After this time, it should be replaced with new ones. Even the best glasses will age over time. So you have to change your swimming glasses in time.

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