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Ophthalmologist: Wear swimming goggles when swimming in the sea, and wash your eyes after swimming

Edit:    Read: 248  Date: 2019-11-20

In summer, many families enjoy going to the beach and enjoying the fun of sand, swimming and diving. But many people don't know that swimming in the sea is more harmful to the eyes.

The composition of seawater is very complex, not only with a variety of salts, but also rich in plankton, such as marine viruses, marine fungi, marine bacteria, algae, marine worms, crustaceans, and eggs of crabs, fish, and so on. A patient was recently admitted to our hospital. When swimming on the beach in Thailand, his eyes were bitten by a fish, causing blindness in his left eye. Swimming in the sea, in addition to preventing accidental injuries caused by fish, jellyfish, sand, etc., we must also pay attention to allergic conjunctivitis caused by marine plankton. Sea water has a high salt content. Prolonged contact with the eyes may irritate the eyes and cause discomfort such as redness and itching.

To swim in the sea, we must first choose a regular, managed bath, confirm the surrounding environment is safe, and try to choose sea areas with good water quality and less pollution. Wearing swimming goggles can avoid the irritation of the eyes by seawater and reduce the incidence of infection and eye trauma. If seawater gets into your eyes, rinse them with fresh water. Do not rub your hands. Once the eye is injured, immediately go ashore, minimize the immersion time in seawater, and seek medical treatment in a timely manner. If there are unhealed wounds on the eyes, remember not to swim in the sea, because seawater is a hypertonic, high sodium and high alkali environment for the human body. Soaking in seawater can aggravate edema, degeneration, necrosis and inflammation of the wound and surrounding tissues Affects wound healing and worsens infection.

Whether swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool, we must pay attention to eye protection to prevent the occurrence of acute conjunctivitis (commonly known as red eye disease) and keratitis.

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