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What equipment do you need for swimming?

Edit:    Read: 343  Date: 2019-11-20

There is no need to say the right swimsuit, swimming cap, and goggles. Nose clips and earplugs depend on personal needs, and anti-fog liquid for goggles is also essential. For swimming beginners, floating boards are essential. There are about three types of floating boards, A-type floating board, U-shaped floating board and back float. The A-type floating plate has a strong grip, and the U-shaped floating plate has a more comfortable grip. Back drifting is usually layered. You can increase or decrease the number of pieces to adjust the buoyancy according to your needs. It is also useful for swimming sticks, but swimming sticks are not easy to store.

There are hand webs and flippers. The webbed fins are divided into half palm fins and full palm fins. Beginners generally do not use web fins. Usually they will choose web fins after swimming to enhance water feeling or correct strokes. There are short fins and long fins. If you practice swimming in the pool, short fins are fine. Beginners can also use the flippers to learn freestyle and butterfly strokes, which can increase the efficiency of learning. There are also breaststroke fins specially prepared for breaststroke, but I personally think that breaststroke fins are a bit ribbed and useless. I myself use a pair of short oval flippers, but breaststroke is also possible, but the effect is not very good when breaststroke.

In addition, there are some less commonly used equipment or more professional equipment, such as breathing tubes, swimming splints, swimming metronome, and so on. If you want to play free diving in the deep-water pool, the snorkel, mask for diving, diving suit, etc. are also needed. If you are swimming in open water, a life-saving ball behind the buttocks is also required.

Finally, a smart bracelet or watch that can record swimming sports data is also essential for swimming enthusiasts, and there is a large waterproof sports bag that can hold some equipment.

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